Tech wearables to enhance your travel experience

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The wearables market is one growing towards ubiquity and causing major waves in the travel industry. Engaging with currently available smart devices is making the lives of travelers easier to navigate and providing them the ability to enhance their trips. When  Airlines and hotels are taking a bite from the trend and using these devices to offer innovative ways for customers to interact with their products and service. These are a few of the more popular, intriguing and evidentally useful wearables one can benefit from using while traveling.


When scrambling to make your flight on time, one look at your smartwatch can keep you informed on a gate change, a flight delay and your travel itinerary. Smartwatches are probably the most popular product on the wearable market, though most may only be familiar with Apple’s offering. From Pebble Time to Samsung to Motorola, there are several other options available when deciding to take a computer to your carpus. Each watch has its pros and cons, with the ultimate decision probably falling on the compatibility of the smartwatch with your smartphone. Several airlines have developed smartwatch apps for a speedy replacement to your boarding pass, while several hoteliers currently offer apps to use as your hotel room key.

Prices starting from $82.50 on Amazon

Smartwatch displaying flight details


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Ralph Lauren PoloTech shirt

For active men that track their workout regimen while traveling, Ralph Lauren’s PoloTech Shirt provides the utmost for exercise junkies. First unveiled at the 2014 US Open, the biometric shirt uses built-in sensors to track your heart rate, breathing, steps taken and calories burned. Its accompanying iOS app links to the shirt, providing real-time analysis and future workout suggestions based on your biometrics. The smart shirt is a practical substitute for a standalone fitness tracker and heart rate monitor, with silver fibers woven directly into the fabric and a small sensor-filled black box near the rib cage. This is ideal for active travelers that want to pack light and want to incoporate a trackable workout on their iPhone or Apple Watch. The product is being used as the center of a planned relaunch of Ralph Lauren’s Sport line, which was closed in 2000.

From $295 on the Polo Ralph Lauren website

Ralph Lauren PoloTech shirt

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Hush smart earplugs 

Developed as the world’s first smart earplugs, Hush’s noise-cancelling earphones allow for the sounds you need to hear to interrupt. With its Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone, you can set alarms and allow important phone calls and notifications to intrude. This is ideal when choosing to tune out the sounds on a plane for sleep in comfort, but want to set an alarm to wake you when your flight is about to land. When listening to music while working, you can still take that important phone call you are waiting for. Hush earphones also come with a sliding charging case that function as a cell phone battery pack, further providing convenience when you’re on the go.

From $150 on Hush

Hush earplug and smartphone displaying notification settings

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Narrative Clip  

This device allows you to stop seeing the world from the screen of your smartphone. At 1.5 inches wide and weighing only 20 grams, it's no wonder this is advertised as "the world’s most wearable camera". The inconspicuous device clips onto your clothing to capture full HD photos and videos hands-free. This allows you to actually live in and enjoy special moments while traveling, instead of focusing on a phone screen when attempting to capture them. The wearable camera features a 5MP sensor, 8GB worth of memory and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The accompanying app provides seamless integration with Instagram for quick sharing of photos on the social network.

From $133 on Amazon

Narrative Clip 2 clipped on shirt

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Liguid Image Smart Goggles 

A series of HD camera-embedded ski and scuba diving goggles were developed by Liquid Image, perfect for thrill-seeking travelers that want to chronicle their adventures. The Hydra series model allows for an easier way to take underwater photos and video when swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving. It includes a 5MP sensor and can reach depths of up to 130 ft. deep. The Apex model is perfect for capturing POV footage while snowboarding, skiing or riding a snowmobile. It features wind guard technology for high quality sounds and a 135-degree wide camera lens. Thanks to its built-in connectivity, live streaming your footage is also possible. Both Hydra and Apex products provide a great tool for the ultimate capturing of a thrilling traveling adventure. 

From $119.99 on Liquid Image

Man outdoors wearing ski goggles Woman scuba diving with HD video water goggles

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