Find the best hotels for the best price with SMARTRATE.

FCM’s newest offering, SMARTRATE, is a hotel rate monitoring tool that allows you to find the best rates available. By aggregating booking rate data from the Global Distribution System (GDS) every day up until check-in, our systems are able to find the lowest possible rates at any given time. When that perfect rate is found, a notification is sent directly to you for your approval. Conversely, if a better deal than what you have is found, an alert is sent to your consultant to cancel and rebook. 

With SMARTRATE, you can:

  • Search rooms within a single hotel for the ideal price and determine when upgrades are available
  • Perform "cluster" shopping, allowing FCM to look for similar hotels within a defined radius of your original choice
  • Restrict your search to hotels preferred by your company

Benefits of SMARTRATE

  • Searching in clusters can deliver savings of up to 50% and an average of $100 per booking. 
  • Setting your own threshold for when you want to be notified of a better rate.
  • Learning about possible room upgrades when available.
  • Finding the ideal rate while making sure all choices are compliant with your company's preferred choices. 

To find out more about SMARTRATE or any other FCM 360 products, inquire now