Maximize airline ticket savings with SMARTFARE

At FCM Travel Solutions, we focus on delivering the best possible service while ensuring that your travel program provides great value. FCM is excited to offer an exclusive program called SMARTFARE.

How it works

From the time of ticketing to the day of departure, our systems monitor airfare prices, looking for savings. Instant alerts are then sent when savings are found on identical itineraries significant enough to re-ticket. Airline tickets are tracked to identify cost savings based on: 

  • Same carrier and cabin class
  • Same departure date and time

Boost traveler compliance

  • Reduce out-of-program bookings and reinforce advanced booking behavior
  • All of this is done without having any impact on your traveler's experience
  • Your travelers know and trust that the lowest airfares are being provided 

To find out more about SMARTFARE or any other FCM 360 product, inquire now