A smart way to get your travel program off the ground at top speed. 

When launching a partnership with a new TMC, a smooth and time efficient implementation is a top priority. In today’s corporate travel market, travel programs vary greatly from company to company due to a number of factors, a major one being the complexity of the travel policy.

That level of complexity has a direct impact on the duration and success of the implementation process. While most large market travel programs require a customized rollout plan, we recognize that there are companies who don’t have complicated programs who are looking for a simple way to get their travelers up in the air, fast.

FCM is excited to offer an exclusive program called SMARTSTART, an expedited implementation plan to ensure your program will be up and running in 30 days! After researching our current clients’ travel programs and analyzing travel industry best practice we have formulated a framework for a rapid and successful onboarding process. As long as your travel policy qualifies, we’ve developed a smarter way to get you started.

Just answer YES to the following conditions and you will progress through to the next qualifying stage: 

  • Our program is currently US-only
  • We do not currently use an online booking tool
  • We will not be incorporating Concur Expense
  • We can provide a static file for traveler profile information
  • Our travel policy applies to all travelers (VIPs exempt from policy) 

To find out more about SMARTSTART or any other FCM 360 products, inquire now