FCM Travel Solutions Travel-Intelligent “Chatbot” Sam Launches A Trio of New Enhancements for GBTA

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Media Releases 08 Aug 2018

Evolution Includes Ease of Access for Travel Bookers, Seamless Management of Travel Disruptions & Maximization of Crowdsourced Intelligence

New York, NY – August 8, 2018 – Two years ago Sam, which has the expertise of a skilled consultant and delivers invaluable assistance to business travelers’ fingertips in the form of an app, was born and introduced to customers of FCM Travel Solutions. “True nobility isn’t about being better than someone else. It’s about being better than you used to be.” Sam is a believer in this. With this in mind the travel-intelligent “chatbot” is unveiling a trio of enhancements timed with GBTA’s 2018 convention this month. As more and more customers across FCM Travel Solutions interact with Sam, it is important to try and make interfacing with Sam seamless. These new features are a result of user feedback that has been incorporated into the newly upgraded Sam. The enhancements include:

Sam for Travel Arrangers: This new feature expands the capabilities to any arranger, booker or travel manager who wants to take care of a group of travelers with instant accessibility from their smartphone. Sam for TA grants access to travelers’ itineraries, as well as receiving crucial notifications about events that affect them, such as flight delays or cancellations. This enables changes to be made on-the-go, in between meetings, wherever and however they prefer to work.

Sam Duty of Care: This upgraded feature, which is geographically-focused on travelers’ whereabouts, sends alerts in real time when someone might be affected by an event based on their location. Sam Duty of Care helps travel managers navigate security disruptions in a seamless way. Sam integrates with FCM Secure and automatically receives Worldaware alerts in real time, that are strictly location-based on the current itinerary, and prompts travelers to report they are safe via a push notification. One tap later, the travel manager is informed about the status of each traveler.

Sam Community: Leveraging the power of crowdsourced intelligence, Sam’s capabilities are supercharged with the implementation of the Sam Community feature. Each Sam user can now share their most valuable travel tips and finds with fellow travelers. Sam presents this information to the traveler based on their context so that only relevant pieces of data are presented to the user. For example, at Singapore’s airport there is an indoor pool that people can take advantage of while on a layover for just $8.

Sam, short for “Smart Assistant for Mobile,” is available at all times: pre-, during, and post-trip.  It includes a live chat integration, enabling clients to speak with an agent in seconds, 24 hours a day. Designed to simplify life for corporate travelers, the anticipatory, travel-savvy “chatbot” assists with all aspects of travel - itineraries, gate changes, driving directions, weather, restaurant recommendations and reservations. Sam is highly interactive and speaks to clients how and on which chat platform they prefer. 

Sam is live in the US iTunes App Store (search “FCM”) for Apple devices and is also available for Android devices. For more and to download the app visit http://www.us.fcm.travel/sam.

Media Contact: Carla Caccavale Reynolds, 914-673-0729, CarlaCaccavalePR@gmail.com