What You Need to Know about Brazil's New e-Visa

Picture of Rio
Travel News 09 Feb 2018

The Brazilian Foreign Affairs ministry is introducing new electronic visas for citizens of select countries. Under the program those wishing to travel to Brazil can apply online for an ‘e-Visa’ which is both less expensive than traditional visas obtained from the consular office and has an expedited approval process of approximately five days. The e-Visas will be valid for a 90 day stay in Brazil over a 12-month period, and once granted will be valid for a maximum of two years or the expiry date of the holder’s passport, whichever comes first. Emergency visas will not be available via this electronic application process.

The scheme is being expanded to include Japanese, Canadian and U.S. nationals, while Australian citizens have been eligible for the program since late November 2017. It is advised that travelers wishing to take advantage of this new credential print out their approved e-Visa, as they must present it to board their flight and enter Brazil.

For more information on the new program, and how you can apply, click here