Surf Air Expands Footprint to Europe

Surf Air
Travel News 15 Aug 2016

Surf Air, the California-based private membership airline recently announced its plans to expand service to Europe.

Surf Air describes their business as “the nation’s first all-you-can-fly private air travel club”. After beginning service in 2011 with private flights between Silicon Valley and the Los Angeles area, Surf Air now operates a fleet of executive Pilatus PC-12 to 13 airports throughout California with up to 90 flights a day. The planes accommodate 8 passengers and have modern, customized interiors.

The Surf Air brand is suited towards frequent business travelers who wish to avoid the lengthy check-in process and airport wait times for commercial flights. It’s also a more affordable option to chartering a jet which can be costly and time consuming to book. After an initial sign-up fee of $1,000, Surf Air members pay only a monthly membership fee of $1,950 and can then fly an unlimited number of trips per month.

Convenience is a key selling point. Members book travel via the Surf Air app in less than 30 seconds, and you can arrive at the airport just 15 minutes before your flight’s departure. The ease of flying in and out of smaller private airports means a quick and efficient boarding and deplaning process as well as airport drop-off and pick-up. Travelers are greeted upon arrival by concierge and are able to wait in a private lounge with complimentary Wi-Fi and refreshments.

With more than 2,500 members, Surf Air has been a successful business model and attracted leadership from commercial airlines, with Jeff Potter, former CEO of Frontier Airlines becoming Surf Air’s CEO in 2014. (Potter also helped build Frontier’s brand and business).

Surf Air was also acknowledged by Forbes Magazine as one of “America’s Most Promising Companies for 2015.”


Surf Air Expands Footprint

Rather than expanding service to other states across the US (beyond its partnership with Advanced Air to offer flights to Las Vegas), Surf Air makes its next move across the pond. Starting in October, Surf Air will launch service in Europe, with flights between London (Luton), Paris, Cannes, Dublin, Geneva, Zurich and Ibiza.

After these initial markets, Surf Air will add routes to Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Berlin and Milan (dates yet to be determined) as well as other popular vacation destinations. The private jet fleet will consist of all-new Cesna and Ebraer twin-engine jets that fly to private terminals. The price point is higher than the US membership fees, with service costing approximately $3,300 for the unlimited air service.

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