Qantas Debuts New Nonstop Dreamliner Routes

Travel News 08 Dec 2016

Australia’s largest airline made some exciting announcements this month, revealing plans for a new non-stop route between Perth and London starting in March 2018.

Banking on their new fleet of long-range Boeing 787 Dreamliners, Qantas will soon be the first carrier in history to offer a direct link from Australia to Europe. Naturally, this has the airline industry and frequent travelers pretty excited. Until now, travel between Australia and the rest of the world has been fraught with frequent stops and layovers while crossing the vast distances between continents. But with the unmatched fuel efficiency of the 787, a non-stop 17-hour flight is now well within range. Qantas has rightfully hailed this as a “watershed” development that’ll help make Australia and Europe closer than ever. Right off the bat, the newest Kangaroo Route will take its place as one of the longest nonstop routes in the world, exceeded only by Emirates’ Dubai-Auckland flight and Qantas’ own Dallas-Sydney.

Qantas’ original “Kangaroo Route” from Perth to London in the 1930s took 12 days!

Before the Perth-London flights get off the ground, though, Qantas will be debuting its new 787 fleet with another equally significant long-haul route—this one going direct from Melbourne to Los Angeles. The first flights will begin in December 2017, replacing their former 747 service as the older, larger planes are slowly phased out of service. Should the LA-Melbourne trips prove successful, Qantas will likely look to expand its US footprint further from there, with plans for Sydney-Chicago and Brisbane-Dallas flights. With all the new connections available at lower fuel and operating costs, customers and employees alike of Qantas will be able to enjoy more options than ever for quick, comfortable, and jet-lag-free flights in and out of Australia.