A New American Airlines

American Airlines
Travel News 22 Sep 2016

American Airlines finishes off the year with a bang, to say the least.

The airline giant recently launched a revamped marketing plan tailored around anything but lie-flat seats, extravagant airport lounges, or low fares. Rather, American’s new campaign is titled, “the world’s greatest flyers”. With the tag-line, “the world’s greatest flyers, fly American.” American is taking a new approach to advertising, and redefining travel status. Instead of reiterating the tired, “look how good we are,” the airline is instead focusing on their passengers and how they differentiate themselves from other airlines. To kick-off the campaign, American launched a one-minute long TV ad demonstrating how flyers that fly American are of a certain caliber:

“They walk faster in airports than anywhere else.
  They know their mood contributes to the mood of the flight.
  They pack like they are solving jig-saw puzzles.
  They always ask, before they raise the window shade.
  They know they have a limited time on earth, and even less above it.”

The campaign aims to embed fliers with a new attitude, an attitude that the airline hopes will follow them throughout their trip. Having customers arrive with a different mindset and manners intact, flight attendants can then focus more on going the extra mile for their guests, instead of always having to play defense

A separate venture by the US carrier will have travelers who often fly with American not recognize its air hostesses or employees. The next time you check in for an American flight, all AA employees including flight attendants and pilots, will be sporting brand new uniforms as American recently debuts new uniform designs. The uniforms will feature a “slate gray, cobalt and crisp white” color scheme, part of an effort by American to give its frontline employees a modern, new look. This is a big deal as the uniform refresh is the last milestone in completing the US Airways and American merger finalized back in 2013.

“It really shows us as one brand. And that was really the only thing that was still kind of lagging behind for customers – being able to see that come together,” says Brady Byrnes, American’s Director of Global Marketing. “It’s a huge milestone for us."

American’s employee uniforms are not the only essentials of the company that have undergone a facelift, the airline’s executive management team has also undergone some shifting. Scott Kirby, American Airlines’ President of 20 years has moved on to now serve as President for United Airlines. COO Robert Isom will appropriately be named American’s new President.

American Airline’s CEO, Doug Parker commented in a statement, “Scott has been a key member of our team for over 20 years. We would not be where we are today without his leadership,” he affirmed. “The more than 100,000 team members of American Airlines – most notably me – will be forever grateful to Scott.”

United Airlines described Kirby's departure as the result of CEO Oscar Munoz's effort to assemble a new leadership team, while American described it as the result of its board's consideration of succession planning. Nevertheless, with all these recent surprises we are all standing by to see what the “new” American Airlines will come to be.