Delta Comfort+ becomes a domestic fare product

Delta Comfort Plus cabin
Travel News 15 Dec 2015

Delta has announced it will offer Delta Comfort+ as a domestic branded fare product, making it the first US legacy airline to sell extra legroom seats as its own fare.

The change went into effect on November 14, 2015 and is valid for travel on or after May 16, 2016 within the US and Canada. The product will no longer be available as an upgrade in a seat map, it can only be purchased as a fare product.

Travelers flying Delta will have the ability to purchase Delta Comfort+ as a separate fare class in their initial purchase, just like Main Cabin or First Class. Prior to this change, travelers would get the option of choosing a Comfort+ seat during the seat selection process and then paying for the upgrade as an ancillary purchase. They can now include the product all the way to their final destination instead of adding it to each leg. Customers will also be able to redeem miles directly for Comfort+.

The change offers an improved workflow to travel consultants by eliminating the need for separate ticket and ancillary fee transactions. This also provides greater ease to Delta customers when shopping on their menu of branded products.

The airline is also collaborating with its joint venture partner airlines to ensure customers can view availability on combined itineraries, and allow for it to be displayed in the when purchased through travel consultants. Delta Comfort+ will continue to be sold as an add-on for international flights.

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