Amtrak Latest to Ban Galaxy Note 7

Amtrak Train Picture
Travel News 26 Oct 2016

Amid the furor following the much-publicized recall of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 phone, Amtrak has joined the FAA in banning the faulty device from its property. Citing passenger safety concerns, the nationwide rail service has accordingly ordered that the phone cannot be taken aboard trains or interline connecting buses, nor can it be brought into stations, platforms, support vehicles, or luggage containers. Its tendency to overheat and explode has cause numerous disruptions on flights and public transit in the last two months, with flights being delayed or re-routed as the devices suddenly caught fire in the middle of a trip.

For its part, Samsung has done its best to enforce the recall, providing fireproof return cases to those seeking to send the phone back, and even opening exchange booths that offer replacement phones at some airports in their native South Korea. It’s unknown if this courtesy will be extended to airports in other countries, let alone to Amtrak, but this latest ban is likely to improve safety for travelers on the US’s main railway system.