Adding value to your travel program

Travel News 08 Sep 2015

While there are many ways to drive value from your travel program, FCM suggests corporate companies renew focus on consolidation, booking strategies, air credit management, technology and value-adding services.

By focusing on all or just one of these core areas, and partnering with the right travel management company (TMC), your business can find the right balance between productivity and cost savings in 2014.

Consolidate: Companies that don’t have a centrally managed or national travel program in place should consider a consolidated approach to travel management. Consolidation brings all the pieces of your business travel together, to achieve work efficiencies at every stage of the travel process. Consolidating your travel with a single travel management company gives you better insight, data and control to leverage savings and improves your travel risk management by having centrally located information to track travelers.

Bundled bookings: Using a 'bundled booking' system has the potential to boost your bottom line. Booking outward and return flights with different carriers via the internet can result in two different booking fees, add accommodation and/or car hire bookings and you might have three or four. With FCM, if you bundle all your requirements into one request, you'll pay a single booking fee. 

Air credit management: Failure to manage air credits effectively can result in serious financial loss: mid-to-large scale organizations can easily write off $10,000 each month in unused air credit. FCM’s reporting and account management ensure complete visibility of airline credits at all times to reduce wastage. 

Technology: Companies are demanding a broader selection of online tools and expert advice on which tools are best suited to their needs. At FCM, we offer online services through the FCM Portal platform, which integrates all of our online products and incorporates a single sign on, as well as access to traveler profiles, travel alerts, your online booking tool (OBT), travel reporting and online expense management services.

Value-adding services: FCM has a range of value-adding services, from a dedicated leisure offering for corporate customers via Travel Associates and access to Healthwise, our global health and wellness division to Moneywise financial planning services.