Pre-Trip Approval: The Benefits of FCM Approve

Every travel program is different and we encourage our clients to consider pre-travel approval processes where savings would be realized.

How we work with you.

All online booking products supported by FCM are capable of identifying policy compliance exceptions.  We also have partnerships with third parties to support your pre-trip approval processes and we are currently developing a new product to address client needs in this area, FCM Approve.

Approve Start

Approve Start is provided to all FCM clients and is included as additional functionality within the FCM Portal. It encompasses permission to request travel, and enables the traveler or travel booker to request authorization to travel from an approver before a booking is made.

Approve Online

Approve Online uses online booking tools, which each offer a variety of pre-trip approval and pre-trip authorization functionalities.  Our key online booking tools globally include AeTM, Concur Travel, NuTravel, Serko Online and KDS and all are capable of utilizing multiple “levels” of policy or completely differing policies per company, department or individual. At no additional charge, we will customize your online booking tools to recall the exception and/or seek automated pre-approvals in accordance with your travel policy.

Approve Plus

The third tier of FCM Approve, Approve Plus, is currently being developed to offer the most comprehensive solution for support clients with specific pre-trip approval and authorization requirements that cannot be met by Approve Start or Approve Online.

We also currently offer pre-trip reporting from ClientBank Connect that is available in near real time in the US and Canada and on a 4-hour cycle from booking globally. Policy monitoring/pre-trip approval via the online tools takes place in real time throughout the booking process.

Client Savings

In one client example, the implementation of a pre-trip approval process led to a significant decrease in average ticket price. In a 1 year period, the client’s the average international ticket price dropped by 33% and the average domestic average ticket price dropped by 8%. This client was able to easily set an average ticket price goal and track KPI’s in FCM’s Clientbank Connect online reporting tool, which was analyzed and presented quarterly by their FCM Account Manager.