Large Health Insurance Company


In early 2015, one of FCM’s valued clients, a large health insurance company headquartered in the United States, acquired another US health insurance company that consisted of 5,000 employees and an additional $10 million in travel volume. 

FCM, as their mandated TMC, was tasked with consolidating both companies into the travel program, which included full implementation, communication strategies, traveler trainings, historical data integration, reporting consolidation, and renegotiating preferred supplier contracts that leveraged the additional volume brought into the program. 

The acquired company and their employees would be first time users of Concur Expense, the Concur online booking tool, and the client’s corporate card program.


To integrate and successfully train the new travelers on the technology, drive volume into preferred suppliers, maintain industry leading online adoption statistics, and create deeper savings in renegotiated supplier contracts.



  • FCM partnered to ensure the full scope of the merger was understood and a strong implementation plan was in place.
  • Planning was completed months in advance to ensure a seamless transition.
  • Additional consultants were added to the dedicated team to ensure all service level agreements were met and exceeded.
  • A vital part of the implementation process was the structured communication plan. This involved plans and dates for Concur training, onsite Q&A sessions, and online user help guides to assist the new employees to navigate the process.

Solutions Continued

Supplier Renegotiation

  • In time leading up to acquisition, both sets of supplier agreements were made available from each company.
  • 4D engaged with the customer to compare both company's supplier agreements to create a baseline.
  • Communicating "the story" of the merger to the suppliers was integral for full participation and timeline dedications.



  • Seamless profile movement from existing TMC of acquisition to FCM.
  • Service level agreement targets were hit and exceeded with the addition of new consultants.
  • 90% online adoption was reached within the first year of consolidation.

Supplier Renegotiation

  • Operations were able to seamlessly offer the best of both rates during the transition.
  • Negotiations were successful due to the engagement and brand new supplier agreements went into play reflecting new combined company size and footprint on Day 1. 
  • Customer saw an overall 4D ROI of 200%